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Sep 3rd, 2019

11:11PM UPDATE: Hurricane Dorian is hitting Florida as a Cat two storm with tornado warnings, rain and strong winds. The storm will be effecting Jacksonville tomorrow and moving towards North Carolina.

From recent reports in the Bahamas more deaths could be confirmed in the upcoming days.  Homes have been submerged because of the constant rains and flooding.  U.S. Coast Guard will be helping the Bahamas after the weather clears. The Bahamas needs all the help and support to overcome the horrific problems Hurricane Dorian left behind for them.

Hurricane Dorian has been a nightmare for the Bahamas. It hit the Bahamas as a Cat five and has now decreased to a Cat three. It has remained stationary over Grand Bahama Island pouring unbelievable amounts of rain, dangerous winds and horrific flooding for over 24 hours. It’s been reported since September 2nd that five people are dead, many are injured and many are missing.

It’s unknown to us why humankind is made to feel such unfair amount of loss. Why nature can be so abusive and brutal. What we do know is we must stand together in times of tragedy.

Homes, shelters and businesses in the Bahamas have been completely destroyed leaving people devastated. Damaged or torn off roofs. Cars and snapped power lines under water even the Grand Bahamas International Airport has six feet of standing water because of the flooding it will remain closed. Freeport has been very severely effected by the flooding caused by the hurricane.

The photographs and videos that are appearing all over media are just heartbreaking. Bahamians need everyone’s support, assistance and prayers right now.


We must learn from each tragedy that everyone matters. It’s essential to show empathy for how to expect a better world if we can’t be kind to each other. In times like these we must stop placing barriers and understand each of us are important.

In times of loss we must continue to move on from the trauma finding ways to heal and honor those who did not make it. We must accept that life comes in stages and even if they seem so unfair they are part of the timeline. We are just unaware of the bigger picture. These individuals who passed away are angels ascending into the next chapter which is to continue on as souls with maybe an opportunity to come back in a another time while serving as a cruel lesson that time on earth does end. It does not mean the memory of them ends for it is within us to let them live in our memories forever.

While people in Florida await hurricane Dorian with exhaustion and concern. Hurricane Dorian has only moved 1 mile per hour stalling over the Bahamas with a deep abusive force. Hurricane Dorian is not expected to hit Florida directly and Floridians hope it remains that way. Predictions are it will remain off shore arriving Tuesday night and heading towards Georgia.

Mandatory evacuations still remain in various areas in Florida.

11:38AM UPDATE: Hurricane Dorian is now a Cat two slowly moving northwest two mph.

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SEP 2ND, 2019

In times of despair we either find ourselves or lose ourselves. It is sadly the norm for people to be blinded by the negative and complain on how things could of gone differently. We makes choices that determine our outcome in this version of our universe. If you do not proceed in making things become beneficial and turn it around into a positive view it is fully understandable that you can’t see the good surrounding you. Think.. Do you have a place to sleep? Do you have a meal? Are you able to sustain yourself? Even if it’s on survival mode? Do you wake up every morning with the chances of another tomorrow? If the answer is YES then find tools to make the future the one you want. Find tools to make other people feel happiness. The world can be a frightening place for various different reasons. Hate, crime, sexism, abuse, terrorism and the list goes on. The world can also be full of light and opportunity but it’s all in the view of each individual.

See we all have the fear of threatening scenarios where we feel the panic that it’s all slipping from our grasp. In moments when the world we live in threatens our very existence we either sit and await disaster allowing depression or desperation take over or we prep for the worst. We continue to grow and we proceed into our next cycle. We make daily choices that effect our futures and in our hands is the change of our current alternative universe.

We must be aware of how we make an impact while living or dying. We leave a mark no matter what even if it’s to a small portion of people or a large portion. We sometimes become a news report that with years can get forgotten but can reawaken and impact someone 50 years later. We are very influential as humans. Our purpose is to move forward into the next chapter meant for us. Sometimes situations show up that help us appreciate our existence. Times like a hurricane when we realize how precious our body’s, our lives and our surroundings are. It’s times when “Mother Nature” says to us “Did you spend enough time with your loved ones?” or “What direction is your life taking?” or “Is it really as bad as you thought?” It pushes us to rethink our strategy and our next move.

We hear on the news a Hurricane is coming!! It doesn’t process completely until we hear the urgency of it. It always amazes me how we live as if we had no end and sometimes we misuse our time, our minds and our potential we forget how important time is. How our clocks are ticking away while we lie to ourselves we can live this lifetime forever. In reality we die daily and our time goes with it. Sometimes we tell ourselves “I’ll be okay, I have enough TIME.” We let the days pass us and the direct stress destined to hit us by our choice is heading toward us full speed ahead.

We normally have THREE kinds of people:


That kind of person is focused on themselves. They go through life forgetting choices were placed in front of them. They usually are not focused or leave it all to last minute. In times of crisis and emergency they choose to share their bitterness and bad attitude with everyone.

They choose to not see the urgency in what could need attention. They focus on the bad that happens without seeing that maybe it is not so bad. When the hurricane is announced they choose to wait until last minute. These kind of people get in their car and are so frustrated they honk loudly while in traffic as they swear. They go crazy at the store and yell at other people feeling entitled to the last of the water. They might even start a fight over a necessity that didn’t even cross their mind a few weeks ago. Not only that but they flip off a person over the anger they themselves produced making it difficult for others to feel safe.


Is focused on the now and prioritizes but are fully aware of the choices they are making. Keeping cool is there mantra.

This person is hardworking. They definitely do not have much time in their schedule and understand the urgency of the hurricane and have plans to prep when time is available to them. They never lose their cool. They get in their car last minute in search of gas no matter how far they need to drive to find it. They don’t get upset for they know anger isn’t going to change anything and getting into an accident isn’t worth it. When at the store they buy what they need. If they don’t find water they go somewhere else with a positive out-view. They get home and start preparing and not only that they offer time to others so that it can be easier for them to also prepare for the harsh weathers.


This person has good intentions but sometimes let’s emotion overcome them. They are willing to help others but sometimes choose selfishly. In some situations they keep their cool in others they can’t control themselves. They are between these two other examples. I would say most people fall into this persona.

They might of prepared earlier or later. They can be fast to help others but also very judgmental on how others prep for an emergency. If in desperation they will feel entitled to the last of the water but if aware that someone is in need of extra water they’d be the first to offer some. In this persons situation they could choose any kind of reaction. They allow human emotions to take over the good and bad kind. They don’t really know what time is but they understand it could end. In this persons life they feel they need to worry about themselves and if they feel in the right mood others will matter. If not they close themselves not aware of the potential they have.

  • NOW

The first one is selfish only thinking of themselves. Thinking on how bad they have it. The second one is at peace with themselves and the third is still finding themselves. They all have limited time. All feel stressed but one acts like a victim the other understands time is limited for everyone. While the last one does a good deed with it’s right hand and erases the good deeds with it’s left by leaving people wondering where this individual stands.

The question is which one are you? Do you complain and do nothing to change your situation? Or do you find tools to make life easier for yourself and others? Or maybe your neutral heart is in it but you also make poor choices because of stressful situations?

Which of these three would you rather be remembered by? We are preparing for a worst case scenario so we cannot forget it might be our last days or even our last minutes. It is important to ask ourselves “Are you going to misuse the time you have?”

Hurricane Dorian passed Puerto Rico and the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. If we remember the negative impact hurricane Maria CAT five left on these islands in 2017. We know how fearful and with heavy hearts they must of felt as they awaited another hurricane. The damage caused by Maria’s is still experienced and lived until today.

Residents reported loss of power and intense flooding of streets and homes in Puerto Rico but nothing close to Maria.

MHA interviewed: Dayana Cintrón in Fajardo, Puerto Rico and she said “Hurricane Dorian was nothing major especially here where I live. Just heavy rains and that was about it.”

The hurricane keeps changing it’s route making us feel uneasy on how badly it will effect all of us. Bahamas and Florida in sight with mandatory evacuations in Florida and evacuation in Charleston, South Carolina with Dorian having Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina in it’s direction.

If you are told to evacuate do so its important not to wait around for a last minute decision. Find a shelter near you, go visit family and friends or take that vacation you so needed. Please understand the responsibilities that are required before a hurricane and make sure to utilize your time properly.

Here are a few suggestions: 


These are basic necessities during any kind of storm heading your direction. It is better to be over prepared then not prepared.

The hurricane hit the Bahama as a CAT FIVE on Sunday and reports say it has been one of the worst hurricanes to hit the Bahamas. You can find all over media videos, photo’s of flooding, fierce winds, insane raining, damaged homes, downed power-lines and destructive conditions. Situation like these should unite people in these times of struggle and make way for us to understand sometimes things are out of our control but it all serves a purpose in this peculiar timeline.

Reports say Hurricane Dorian is approaching Florida as a CAT five on Monday and Tuesday. It has been reported it is possible for it not to hit Florida directly depending on the route it takes but still we should prep for the WORST.

Dorian is expected to hit South Carolina Wednesday or Thursday. Warnings of the hurricane have been alerted to Georgia and North Carolina.

It’s sad to know some of us will be okay while others will be completely at loss after the hurricane has passed. This is how the world works some survive others do not. It’s definitely a harsh lesson. It’s all a process to the next level in our current world. We can only prepare for the worst and make the best of any situation handed to us. Every time you do something keep in mind you will be remembered for what you did and what you left behind. If humankind knew how important it is for each of us to make a positive mark on earth they’d start utilizing time more wisely.


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