Terms and conditions

1.  The photos, videos on the website and on any of our social media MHA Media and News provide(s) you the public or client are not allowed to copy, download nor use the photos, videos in any form without permission of MHA Media and News.

2.  You the viewer are not forced to listen, see, watch or interact with our company or our content. You are freely welcome to join MHA Media and News for the most content on MHA is free. You are fully aware you can leave and MHA is not responsible for your discomfort and/or displeasure.

3.  You the client when you sign your release form have surrendered any rights to the content. You the client and/or viewer are allowed to share on social media and MUST reference MHA Media and News on each post shared.

4.  MHA Media and News can terminate your release form without any explaination of why it is being terminated.

5.  You the client or employer are aware that after you pay the MHA fee and sign in agreement you fully understand it is non-refundable.

6.  You the client and viewer can donate to MHA for non-profits fund and MHA at the end of the year will donate to any charity of their choosing. You are not forced to donate but have the option to do so.

7.  When MHA Media and News conducts or is at any event of any kind. You the public, employer and/or the clients are welcome to join or listen.  1.  You undestand MHA Media and News and the Founder of MHA is not responsible for YOU.  2.  MHA Media and News is NOT responsible for your safety which means we will NOT pay any of your hospital bills or any treatments if you slip and fall at one of our events.  3.  You the employer are responsible for any kind of harm that happens to the Founder of MHA at your events or locations meaning you are fully responsible to pay for hospital bills or any kind of treatments.  4.  If you feel mistreated at any of MHA events you may file a complaint but we are in our full right to ignore your complaint. You may leave our events at any given moment.

8. You can hire the Founder of MHA for public speaking and will sign a release form that assures her payment.

MHA Interviews and finds stories with real people, on real time and with real stories with no filters. We are News that cares.

Thank you for taking the time to read our disclaimers.

President & Indpendent Reporter,